We can give you affordable, fixed amount pricing for the SAP Business One Starter Package, including installation, starting under $5,000.


With Audaz, not only will we give affordable prices, you’ll know the SAP Business One Cost up front. We can guarantee to be on budget!


Here are some reasons to choose our starter package:

  • Price: Get a powerful ERP system at an affordable start-up price.
  • Technology: Get the latest technology in ERP systems.
  • Growth: SAP can grow with you without limits. Many of the largest companies in the world run SAP.
  • Flexibility: You’ll get much more flexibility in how you manage your business with SAP Business One.
  • Mobility: Free mobile solution for the iPhone and iPad.


Here are some of the reasons to choose Audaz Business Solutions:

  • Guaranteed Fixed-fee implementation
  • Up and running in as little as 1 day
  • No job is too big or too small
  • We can install anywhere in the USA
  • Mix and match your skills and ours: Customize your implementation and save money
  • Value added consulting

Some of the most popular reports to include in our starter packages include: Lot Traceability, Lot Bin Quantity, Lot Trace Receipts and more! Browse our starter package’s affordable selection of SAP Business One reports to find the reporting that suits your needs.


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