Audaz provides the following value-added, SAP Business One standard services to small and medium-sized businesses:

  • Custom Report Development
  • Boyum Usability Customization
  • Business Consultation
  • Advanced Excel

We provide our services for SAP Business One for a fixed price. We don’t give you estimates and then later charge whatever we want. The price we quote is the price you pay–guaranteed. Whether you buy one of our pre-built reports for SAP Business One, or request a report to be built specifically for your business, the price we will deliver at a firm price. 

Standard SAP Business One reports rarely satisfy every need for every company. That is why we offer report packages that fill in the gaps for your business. Check out our Store to see the custom reports that we already have available. If you don’t see what you need, start a discussion with us to discover how we can provide what you need. Ask about our cost sharing program.

When you look at the standard reports in SAP Business One, you will find your traditional three financial reports: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Trial Balance. When it comes to cash flow, things are a little different. There is a provision for a direct cash flow statement, but, no out-of-the box indirect statement. The direct method is rarely adopted by companies because of the complexity of managing the requirements. This is not different in SAP Business One. Few companies enable this feature because of the tedious requirements to maintain it.

Do you have a concern that you don’t know how to solve? Send us the question that you have and we’ll give you ideas. Also, check out our blog for informative topics on SAP Business One.

To start a discussion about a report built especially for you, visit our Request a Report page under ‘Services’.

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