If you’ve ever implemented SAP Business One, you know that it is an exciting event. Once you get past the initial go-live phase and settle in, you begin to take advantage of the integrated solution that allows you to capture and utilize the myriad of information that enters your business. Then, you realize, that you need more customized views into your data. With Audaz, you get SAP Business One Custom Reports that help you run your business better.

Standard SAP Business One Reports are great, but, there just are not enough of them. Implementation consultants are great, but, they are expensive. Hiring them to write a bunch of reports for you can be a big investment. This is where Audaz Reports stands out from the rest. We deliver packaged custom reports at an extremely low price compared to what you would pay to have one developed.  

Fixed Price SAP Business One Custom Reports

We can produce reports for your specific needs. If one of our pre-built reports doesn’t quite fit your requirements, we can modify it for a fraction of the cost of requesting a new report. If you have an idea for a report that is significantly different from our existing reports, we will examine your request and if it meets the requirements, we’ll give you a design credit for up to 75% of the cost of the report. You will not get reports at a lower cost.

Whether you want a new Crystal Report in SAP Business One or other reports using leading industry tools like SQL Reporting Services ,we can create advanced business reports for your business.  Request a report now

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SAP Business One also gives users the option of having user queries which can be run on demand to give quick access to data which can be copied to spreadsheets for analysis. These queries are even lest costly to develop than Crystal Reports. Some can literally be done in minutes. Audaz can create queries for you as well. 

Boyum SQL Reports and Crystal Reports

If you are running the award winning addon by Boyum, B1 Usability Package, or B1UP, you have a couple of options for reporting. B1UP allows you to launch reports from anywhere in the system and has some advanced formatting capabilities for queries using its SQL Report option. Audaz can help create these reports for you as well and can suggest ways to optimize your business.

With decades of business experience, we can scope out your report needs and provide a guaranteed quote. We can even suggest solutions for your report development including custom forms, reports, dashboards, etc.

You you have a question about what is possible or just want feedback, send us your question and start a conversation. Let us help you leverage your business with SAP Business One Custom Reports by Audaz.

To install purchased reports, you can download our Reports Installer here.

Check your our pre-built reports that, are a great value, at our report store.

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