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The Sales Margin Comparison report for SAP B1 (SQL version) gives you a view of your sales revenue along with the margin by customer, invoice and product. This report is different from your standard sales analysis in SAP B1 since it also provides the margin that would have been generated under the last cost of each product.

The purpose of this report is to give you a chance to monitor the profitability of quoted and invoiced products. The report is broken out to a gross margin section that uses your valuation method chosen in your system. There are four methods to capture and track the cost of your goods sold: Moving Average, Standard, FIFO, and Serial/Batch. The Sales Margin Comparison report adds a 5th dimension allowing you to see what the margin would have been if the cost were the last purchase price.

By comparing your system margin to the last cost margin you can identify invoices that may have been under priced or trends that you need to be aware of in order to adjust to rising prices. A cost method such as moving average tends to add smoothing to a company’s income. One can often get a false sense of making more profit in one period than another due to the averaging over several periods.

The report can be run for any date range and can produce four different versions of the report based on the parameters selected.

Detail View: Shows company totals, then customer, invoice and product detail.

Sales Margin Comparison

Invoice View: Shows company totals, then customer and invoices, but no product detail.

Sales Margin Comparison no products

Summary View: Company totals and Customer margins.

No invoices

Product View: Company totals, Customer and product detail.

Product detail

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Sales Margin Comparison


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