The free WIP Report for SAP Business One (SQL version) provides real-time access to the Work Orders and their details that make up the WIP balance in the general ledger. The WIP report allows you to view WIP by work order and drill into the actual work order (with golden arrow) from the report to see other details of the order. The standard reports in SAP Business One do not include a report similar to the WIP report by Audaz.

This report allows the user to validate the balance in the general ledger for work in progress providing subledger detail critical in auditing trial balances. The parent part section shows the work order planned and completed quantity for the work order. The detailed section lists the components that make up the work order and by double clicking the component ID. This will show inventory transactions that articulate with the totals on the report.

SAP Business One WIP report
WIP Report

The “Ret Qty” column indicates products, whether final product or component, that are returned to inventory. This column will indicate the finished product being put into inventory as well as any components that were sent back to stores.

The report also has a selection to allow you to run a summary report. This is useful if you want a quick reconciliation of Work in Progress to the financial statement.

WIP Report Summary in SAP Business One

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You may download the free WIP Report for SAP Business One for free.

    *NOTE: This report only handles non-batch/non-serialized inventory items. It does not handle resources or batch/serial items. If you have a need for this, let us know.

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