Profit and Loss Comparison-HANA Report


Profit and Loss Comparison-HANA Report for SAP Business One – HANA version. Complete comparison for monthly, year-to-date and budget comparison to actuals. Version 1.3



Profit and Loss Comparison-HANA for SAP Business One (HANA version*) gives you a snapshot all in one view that lets you compare current month revenue and spending to the same month last year and to the current month budget. It also gives you the same view for current year-to-date revenue and spending along side the comparison of year-to-date actual versus the year-to-date budget.

When running the Profit and Loss Comparison-HANA Report, you can choose whether to choose to highlight unfavorable budget or year-over-year variances. This report saves you time by consolidating your variance analysis into one place.

Do you need a variation of tis report? Send a request to our team and they will evaluate your request and respond promptly. To request a new report, use our Request page to get a low-cost quote on a cost-share report.

*Currently only works on calendar year

P&L Comparison


Profit and Loss Comparison for SAP Business One (HANA)

This report has been formulated in a way to be dynamic with your changes to your chart of accounts. As you modify accounts, move them to different sections, or create or remove title accounts, the report adapts and displays in your format according to SAP Business One structure.

Our report displays all totals appropriately and if there is anything you want to modify the formatting on, you have the ability to modify this report. If you want something changed, but, don’t know how, contact us and we will be glad to help.

If you have ideas for other reports that we should be considering for our standard offerings, please submit a suggestion through our Contact page. We are constantly working on new reports to add to our store.

We stand behind the quality of our reports. If you see something wrong, let us know and we will take care of it.

NOTE: Some administrative HANA privilege’s are required to install this report and a stored procedure must be added. Complete instructions are included with the download. This report only works for calendar year, 12 month periods.

Profit and Loss Comparison-HANA Report


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