Did you know that you can customize and automate SAP Business in many areas without custom code? With the help of a low-cost high-value addon, you can leverage these customizations even more, all without knowing any coding. Customize and automate SAP Business One using built-in tools and addons easily and affordably.

Customize and automate with Built-in Tools

SAP B1 provides a number of built-in tools to help you customize your look and feel and the actual interaction that your users have with the interface. For example, user-defined values allow you to provide users with custom lookups and even auto-fill capability. Here are a number of configuration or customization features built into SAP B1:

  1. Field Names: You can change the title of practically any field on the screen.
  2. New User-defined fields: Add any number of fields for custom use.
  3. User-defined tables: Add tables to store custom data and link them to system tables.
  4. User-defined values: Lookups that can be placed in almost any field. These can be triggered from other fields or conditions retrievable via SQL.

These are a few of the customization options that are built into B1. Now take a look at what the Boyum addons can do.

Customize and Automate with Boyum Usability Package

The Boyum Usability Package (B1UP) addon uses the SAP B1 SDK to allow you, the user, to do many things that you would normally need a programmer to do. Here are a few things that B1UP can do. If you have a question about the capability, send us a message so that we can discuss it with you.

  1. Modify screen layouts: You can move system fields and user-defined fields to different locations.
  2. Add buttons to screens: Buttons can be added with actions attached to those buttons.
  3. Mandatory fields: You can make fields mandatory.
  4. Default data: B1UP allows you to specify default data for fields.
  5. Validations: Validate entries to fields with custom logic.
  6. Macros: Use macros to automate processes.

There are many other addons available for additional functionality, but, B1UP is by far the most flexible. They also have an addon that automates the emailing of documents to customers, vendors and others.

Boyum Dashboard

The Boyum Usability Package also comes with a Dashboard for B1. It is highly customizable and very flexible.

Automate and Customize SAP Business One

Audaz can help you customize and automate SAP Business One using built-in tools and addons. Quality guaranteed!

Contact us to discuss your needs. We can give you a low fixed fee solution.

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