Project Management for SAP Business One:


Increase efficiency, improve project quality, lower costs and accelerate cash flow

by streamlining your project processes with Project Management for SAP Business One.


Complete Solution: Project Management for SAP Business One delivers a complete project management and ERP solution in one integrated package.


Built on the most advanced technology, our solution gives you the edge you need in a competitive project environment.


[blue_text]Project Management for SAP Business One:[/blue_text] is designed specifically for contractors and professional service organizations, Project Management (PM) for SAP Business One, by Maringo, is the number one solution for project-focused businesses. PM helps you work more efficiently so that you can focus on what you do best.


Based on the most advanced technology, PM delivers the results you want in real time. Most industry solutions force you to use their method of doing project management. PM gives you flexibility along with best practices so that you can work the way that is most efficient and effective for your business model.


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Solid Ground for Decision-Making


Data such as planning times, employee and item costs, worked hours or used materials are captured in one single system and are available at the touch of a button. This allows managers, controllers or project managers’ immediate access to information and to make decisions at the right time on a solid data basis.



Cost Reduction


Project Management pays off within a very short time. Because master data of customers and employees has to be recorded only once, the administrative effort is reduced considerably. Customers report that they are able to manage more projects without staffing up with the introduction of Project Management.


Some of the Industries benefiting from PM are below:

  • Government Contracting
    • Defence Contracting
    • Management and IT Counsling

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