SAP Business One® is a fantastic ERP system for small to mid-sized enterprises. It has a wide breadth of modules including Financial, Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Production, MRP, Resource, Service, Project Management and Human Resources. When you sign up for SAP Business One, you get a lot of product for your money. The SAP Business One Reports are a key part of any business.

SAP Platforms

SAP Business One runs on one of two different database platforms. The SAP Business One Reports run fairly similarly, regardless of the platform. Originally, Microsoft SQL Server was the database engine that powered SAP Business One. With the advent of the HANA database solution, created by SAP in 2011, SAP began to develop SAP Business One for HANA. Since then, the growth in installations on HANA has grown each year and has now surpassed new SQL installations.


While the data capture and repository are phenomenal in SAP Business One, the reporting is a bit lackluster. The reports that are available are great, but, there is not a lot of breath of reporting. This creates a void where customers have specific reporting needs in order to adequately manage their business.

Audaz has directed its resources to fill the gap between the software offerings of SAP and the needs of the customers. If you don’t find the report you are looking for in our list, send a request for a fixed price quote.

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