Batch Traceability Report For SAP B1 – SQL Version


Batch Traceability Report for SAP Business One – SQL version.

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The Batch Traceability Report for SAP B1 from Audaz allows you to enter a batch ID and product code and trace the product all the way through your operations to the customer. The report also gives you visibility into intermediate products that have used the batch as well as on-hand inventory. To learn more about the utility of a Batch Traceability report for SAP B1, see our post on Why Batch Traceability matters. This report works with SAP Business One version 8.8 and higher.


Batch traceability invoices and on hand

Batch-Lot Traceability Reports

Batch (or Lot) Traceability allows companies to see the genealogy of their products from beginning to end. A product’s life cycle does not begin when it enters your supply chain. Nor does it end once it leaves. Knowing where your product comes from, and tracking where it is sent to can be crucial in determining limiting the liability of your company and protecting your customers.

While Batch Traceability is commonly used by companies in the food industry, it is becoming increasingly essential to many other types of businesses. Pharmaceutical companies, for example, are required by the FDA to use track batches all the way from beginning to end.

With its Batch-Lot Traceability Report, Audaz offers an automated solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) doing business with SAP Business One.

Batch Traceability in SAP Business One from Audaz

SAP currently offers traceability to many of its larger companies. For SAP Business One, however, traceability must be done manually. This is where Audaz comes in. Audaz’s Batch Traceability report for SAP B1 offers a simplified, automated solution from endpoint to endpoint that delivers a multilevel report helps to authenticate the history and location of goods if a recall were to happen.

Audaz is here to help you understand batch traceability and how to implement it to your SAP Business One Solution today.

Your decision to implement a Batch Traceability report will help you keep track of your product and have a great relationship with

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Batch Traceability Report For SAP B1 – SQL Version


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