Audaz has released its latest report for SAP Business One (SQL version). The new Profit and Loss Comparison report gives you instant visibility to your performance against last year and performance to budget all in one report. We have had so many people say that they want a custom Profit and Loss report that they can use to analyze their company financial performance and the standard P&L from B1 just doesn’t have what they need. To find out more about analyzing Profit and Loss statements, read our article on P&L Analysis.

Year Over Year
To take a look at whether or not your business is growing, you need to compare with last year. Our new Profit and Loss Comparison report lets you see current month activity compared to the same month last year as well as year-to-date activity compared to year-to-date last year. This view gives you a sense of whether or not you are trending better this year. It also allows you to see a month’s relative performance to last year, which is especially helpful during seasonal sales.

Budget Variances
Often, when you are looking at year-over-year comparisons, you also want to know how you are doing compared to budget. Our Profit and Loss Comparison report also includes the current month’s budget and variance as well as the year-to-date budget with variance. You can quickly see if your margins are reaching your goals for the month and year. Unfavorable variances are in red, so that you can quickly spot areas that are not performing to budget.

If you have suggestions for this or any other report, please contact us and let’s start a discussion. With our cost sharing program, you can get the reports you want for much less than having someone build them from scratch. See a sample screenshot of the report below and click on it to go to our product page.

Profit and Loss Comparison Report

New Profit and Loss Comparison Report

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