With all the different reporting tools available, how do you select one that will be right for your business? If you are using SAP Business One, the most likely choice is Crystal Reports for your custom report needs. The reason is simple, it’s the tool of choice for SAP Business One and is included in your ERP package.

SAP acquired Business Objects in 2007, thus, becoming the owner of Crystal Reports. All reporting tools have their strengths and weaknesses, but, Crystal Reports has been a tool of choice for developers for over a decade. The reporting program is very flexible and developer friendly, while sporting some very advanced functionality for making powerful reports and charts.

With Crystal Reports, you can create a report and then import it right into SAP Business One without any coding. You can even use Crystal Reports to have different form layouts such as a Packing Slip or Sales Order.

Crystal Reports also has the ability to have drill down to detail. You can also embed objects and hyperlinks, making the possibilities plentiful. Even though Crystal Reports is not the easiest report builder around, its power and flexibility make it a front runner, especially for SAP Business One.

Audaz LLC uses Crystal Reports to offer a variety of different reports to meet your needs. Taking advantage of Crystal’s versatility and in order to adapt to the ever changing needs of customers, Audaz offers a variety of different custom and standard reports. To see the various reports Audaz offers, click here.

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