Why Audaz Reporting? See how it works. It is different. After reading this, we believe you will see the difference.

According to research, SAP B1 customers spend thousands of dollars on custom reporting to meet their business intelligence needs. Clever customers have found that Audaz delivers high quality reports for much less. We can deliver high-quality reports for much less than having a report custom developed by a developer. So why Audaz reporting? See how it works as we unfold the differences between traditional development and our model.

Partners and developer shops want to charge for scoping, coding, testing and quality assurance. Take a look at a typical Statement of Work for development below. Developers will typically charge for each and every activity on this estimate.

Traditional Custom Reporting Development

Estimate SAP B1 Report

With traditional development of reports, the process goes something like this:

  1. Submit initial requirements to the developer (note: if you are working with a B1 partner, this part of the process may also be billed to you)
  2. An architect and/or developer reviews the requirements and does a high-level design. (Also billable expense by most partners)
  3. At this point, they give you an “estimate” sometimes in the form of a statement of work.  (Everything from here on out is billable)
  4. The developer then begins coding, documentation and the creation of a test plan.
  5. The development team then does testing.
  6. Finally, the report is delivered for review.
  7. Any revisions or modifications go back to development and steps 4-7 are repeated. (Yes, this is also billed)
Report Delivery Flow Chart

Audaz has transformed this process to bring you the best reports at phenomenal prices relative to traditional methods.

The New Model – Audaz Reporting

Audaz works with you on the reporting requirements, whether they be a dashboard or a report, and exactly what your goal is for this information request. There are three simple steps with Audaz, none of which are billed to you, the customer.

  1. Requirements are gathered. In addition to receiving requirements from you, our team of experts will give suggestions on how the report may be improved. 
  2. Review our assets and calculate reuse credit.
  3. We provide you with a guaranteed fixed price for the report. After you agree to the price and a 50% refundable deposit, we continue with the product creation.
  4. Product is created. We use our existing resources as well as new development required to assemble your report. This includes testing and a review by our experts. None of this work is billed to you.
  5. Our product is added to our store and you purchase the report with the deposit applied to the price.
Why Audaz reporting for SAP B1

We are able to deliver reporting to you at such a reduced price because we own the report and are able to resale it. You have a license to use the report as you wish within your company. You can modify it and use it with as many employees as you want, you just can’t distribute it or sell it outside your company.

The advantage to you of this model is two fold:

1) We leverage the entire industry to bring you the best reports for your business. You get collective expertise applied to your reports.

2) You get this reporting at a significantly better cost than if you were to have it developed.


As a simple example, a custom Profit and Loss statement similar to one of the ones found on our website could be quoted at 20-30+ hours by a development group (approx $6,000). This is right in line with what we have experienced. In fact, we have seen similar reports even higher than this. Our P&L Comparison Report is priced at just $499. This is less than 10% of what you would pay to have it developed by a partner. We guarantee the quality and accuracy of our reports.

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